IMG_4574The doorbell at the front door has been lost but this is the bell press for the door to the old scullery at the side of the house. The coal man and perhaps the rag and bone man would have used this bell. Mark also suspects that other servants would have used this door as well.

IMG_4576This is the bell at the side door closer to the front of the house at the tradesman’s entrance. The tradesman’s entrance is adjacent to the original kitchen and there is also a door leading from this area into the main part of the house. This was the door for deliveries of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables for the kitchen as well as for use by ‘respectable’ tradesmen who needed access to the house.


As for the front door, this would have only been used for visitors to the house of the same social rank as the middle-class family who lived here in Edwardian times. Of course, in this country, everyone knew which class they belonged to and therefore which doorbell they had to press.


5 thoughts on “Doorbells

  1. Lovely entry way and how many layers of enamel paint went under that blue in 103 years?

    As you say, it was built 1910, and that was before the wars wiped out all the good cheap willing Help. “everyone knew what class they were” would not work down here in de colonies, although many of the substantial old homes of the better Melbourne postcodes still have side gates with enamel plates proclaiming ‘Tradesmen’.
    When my doorbell rings Kitty opens the cupboard door under the sink and hides.
    And do remember that the postman always rings twice.

    • Countless layers of paint in 109 years (the house turns 110 this year)! I am trying to work out if it has always been blue. The inside door of the coal store looks fairly original, which means that the house was more likely a more teal-like blue rather than the current royal blue.
      Poor Kitty! In Liverpool, Oliver got into a habit of hiding in the mechanism of the reclining sofa whenever a unknown man entered the house. Like Pavlov’s cat, he would run for the sofa whenever the doorbell rang then wait to see who it was and whether he needed to hide. Luckily he has grown out of it here in Leicester.

    • It’s that colour! My plan is to change all the royal blue to something in the shade of yellow ochre. The house is a bit like a Tardis too – looks small from outside but then just goes on and on.

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