House History #3 The Rutherfords

In the last instalment of House History I told you about the Fraser family who lived in this house between 1958 and 2013. Paddy Fraser holds the record for the person who has lived in this house for the longest amount of time – 55 years – a record I don’t think we will beat!

The Frasers purchased the house in August 1958 from Mark Rutherford. They paid £2,500. Mark Rutherford had bought the house in 1952 for the same price. I gathered much of the following information about the Rutherfords from


Mark Rutherford was born around 1910 in Cumberworth, Yorkshire. He was the son of the Reverend William Gladstone Rutherford, a Primitive Methodist Minister, and his wife Emily Elizabeth. At the age of 24, Mark married Annie Gwendoline Lyversage in Basford, Nottingham in 1934. It appears that they had two children – Andrew and Richenda born in 1940 and 1946 respectively. Given the birth dates of his children he may have served in the Second World War. He was in his early forties when he purchased this house. He is noted in the 1952 sale documents as a School Master from Aldborough Grange, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire. I gather he had found work at a Leicester school.

Mark and Annie lived here for 6 years before moving just down the road to the village of Oadby. Mark died in Leicester in 1983 at the age of 73.

Annie Gwendoline Lyversage was born in Basford, Nottingham in 1909. She was the daughter Oliver Lyversage, a scientific instrument maker and his wife Julia. Annie died in 1993 at the age of 84 in Ledbury Herefordshire after having been a widow for 10 years.

The children Andrew and Richenda would have been 12 and 6 when they moved into the house. If they are still living they will be 74 and 68. Andrew married Juliet Gilford in 1963 but I can’t find any more information about Richenda.

UPDATE: I found some more information about Mark Rutherford. He attended a number of secondary schools: Ramsey Secondary School, Isle of Man (1922 – 1923); Exmouth Secondary School (1923 – 1925), High Pavement School, Nottingham (1925). He completed the following exams at London School General (Jun. 1926): English, French, Elementary, Mathematics, Latin and Geography. In September 1927 he applied for a four year course at Nottingham University and I assume that is where he gained his teaching qualification. He may have also met his future wife at this time as Annie was born in Nottingham and they married in 1934.


6 thoughts on “House History #3 The Rutherfords

  1. oh Richenda Richenda Richenda. God bless your parents for helping Nigella to not feel so bad. As a child I knew a Keitha.
    Good to know though Scott, that the house has always had books on shelves, and the kind of people who would be good cat keepers. Isn’t genealogy just a ripping snorkfest?

  2. The net is wonderful for a big history trip – my search for Richenda’s mum has informed me of Richenda the neighbour of T S Eliot who wrote Little Giddings about her small but influential religious movement The Friends. Her name is C12th Scottish aristocracy. Nothing to do ( yet) with your abode, sorry. (Also, several Pinterest people have admired your Shorthair family enough to pin the images on their own boards.)

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