House Tour: Dining Room

IMG_2702 - 2013-06-11 at 17-12-56This is a picture I took of the dining room on the day of my first viewing of the house. One of the things I loved about the house was that it had a separate formal dining room. People ask whether we will knock through into the lounge room to open up the space but my answer is no – this is the first house where we have had a completely separate room for formal entertaining. I can also imagine Mark seated by the french windows reading the newspaper. Also, if we knocked through I would lose the wall where I need to put the piano!

IMG_4544The garden needs work but the dining room has a lovely aspect and it gets morning sun.

IMG_1222The french windows themselves need to restored but everything original is there.

IMG_4543The original lever handle on the door.

IMG_1218The dining room is currently a store room – most of our possessions are still in boxes. A lot of furniture is in rented storage space in Liverpool but these are particularly precious items. There are breakables that we didn’t want to entrust with strangers, also sentimental items, for instance Doris and Orlando’s ashes are in one of these boxes – we weren’t going to let them out of our sight! All the things stored here are light enough for Mark and I to move about the house when builders need access to this room. It may well be that the builder will want everything out for a couple of weeks, in which case most things are still packed and ready to go.

2013-09-24 10.13.21Ruby is self-proclaimed queen of the boxes.

IMG_0828Rose gives her a run for her money though.

IMG_1221Many of the rooms in the house have ceilings that will need to be repaired.

IMG_1220We also need to have the copper heating pipes re-routed.

IMG_2703 - 2013-06-11 at 17-13-08Paddy had the heating and boiler upgraded about four years ago and I think she just wanted the plumbers to take the path of least resistance with the piping – straight up the dining room wall! They simply cannot stay.

IMG_0937Mark and I have been slowly removing carpets in all the rooms. Ideally we would have lifted the carpet in the dining room before all the boxes went in but there wasn’t time on moving day. We spent and hour or so a couple of weeks back shifting all the boxes about and taking up the carpet as we went.

IMG_0940The fireplace in this room is long gone but I was  curious to see whether there were hearth tiles under the carpet.

IMG_0944They need a good clean but they are still there! One of the things I want to do is reinstate the fireplace here. Note the original servant’s bell push on the right. The floorboards are in pretty good condition too. I want them repaired and polished.

IMG_8497I have my eye on this fireplace surround but I don’t want to commit to buying until we are sure we can afford it! It may have to wait until later.

IMG_4516There is a beautiful copper door handle on the hallway side of the dining room door.

IMG_4517On the inside though is this rather ugly handle.

IMG_1223Searching online I managed to find a matching pair of door handles. The site I bought them off said they were 1920s but I suspect they are Edwardian as we have the same doorknobs on the lounge door as well. The spare handle will go in the lounge as the inside of that door has an odd handle as well.

IMG_0951Rosie looking beautiful on the chair. They love it when I go down into the unused rooms in the house. It makes them bold and they love exploring.

The room will be beautiful when it’s finished.

31721505c5a3f46c5c959586cb68ee8cec114afbHere’s one I prepared earlier! Only kidding. Our neighbour’s “twin” house was up for sale last year and this is a picture of their dining room – I flipped it in Photoshop so it looks like ours. I really like their mantelpiece and I wonder if it’s the original.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 11.29.33House of Fraser were having a sale so I bought this chandelier to hang above the dining table. We will have picture wall lights installed as well. At some point I will also need to think about colours for this room.


13 thoughts on “House Tour: Dining Room

  1. The room layout is so similar to our new sitting room (old dining room ) it’s uncanny! Before pics here: See what I mean?!

    After pics will follow soon, if I ever get round to them!

    Can’t wait to see your progress.


    PS LOVE your moggies. Ours was also very keen on box-walking. Less keen on the ensuing chaos and mess.
    PPS Also love the light, we got one from House of Fraser and it’s fab!

    • Thanks Jude! Very similar rooms, I agree. I spent a fortune on lighting at House of Fraser – my theory was that if I waited to see what actual money we had left at the end of the renovation we would barely be able to afford naked bulbs! This way there will at least be a little luxury at the end…

      • Ha! We did exactly the same. Spent loads on lighting (HoF and Laura Ashley) before we’d even started ripping off wallpaper etc – hubbie thought I was mad but we couldn’t have justified the cost towards the end of the project. Now they’re up, we’re so glad they did. We all need a little luxury!

  2. The moment I saw the storage boxes I thought of it as Cat Capers and Rose always looks lovely in a chair.
    You are so clever to see all the potential and all your readers know The Vision will be realised. The photo-flip was genius and we can see your neighbours are nice readers because of the chair at the light source with a lamp for 6pm when reading will simply continue after light fades.
    Transportable luxury like chandeliers and persian rugs are always wise purchases, because in the event of having to sell, they can make living in a tent bearable.
    Don’t you just wish you could press that Servant Bell and have help come running from their cupboard by the coalbox.
    I wish I could land there to help with the garden restoration as I am multipley experienced even with blackberry clearing. It looks like there could be Occupants in that shrubbery – badgers? Mr Fox? Brer Rabbit? Good Luck.

    • We have Blackberry bushes going wild iODyne, you’re welcome to come and tackle them! The garden is smaller than it looks in that photo. Our neighbours have foxes but they have huge gardens. Having said that, the fences have holes in them so I guess anything could be there! What made you think we had critters out there?

  3. any dense greenery is going to be occupied. bird nests, possums. squirrels.
    Getting rid of green waste is harder than chopping it out though.
    My technique is to take it slow and secateur stuff into short bits, bag it and fill up the regular weekly bin (old ladies who live alone never make more than a carry bag of garbage in a week).
    You are glad you weren’t here today as it was 100F/40C

  4. Love the chandelier. Living not far from Port Sunlight I’ll see what I can do to find out the name of the colour on the front doors there.

    • Hi Janet! I had a look on Google Street View and the actual colour is much paler than my photo of it – almost cream. The colour I mentioned in the post is too yellow but I think I’ll try to find something about halfway between. If ever you’re passing Port Sunlight they’re the group of houses where Lower Road meets St Mary’s Drive (to the left of the Lady Lever Art Gallery) but as I say, it probably doesn’t match my photo anyway!

  5. there is a youtube of that area and it is just lovely. all blue doors and one the colour of Sunlight soap and Lord Lever’s gallery dedicated to his wife Elizabeth.

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