Found Objects #1 Park Drive Cigarettes

IMG_1159I discovered this empty cigarette packet under the floorboards in the hallway on the first floor after I had ripped up the 1960s lime green carpet. The floorboards were loose where wiring had been installed sometime around 1960 and I date this packet from that time (even though it looks older). Gallaher’s Park Drive was the choice of ‘working men’ so I gather this was probably a packet discarded by the electrician as he was doing the electrical work.


3 thoughts on “Found Objects #1 Park Drive Cigarettes

  1. yes Andrew and Sparkies hourly rate would put them in the luxury goods demographic too. Scott. you may adjust your assumption when the account comes in for your electrical work.
    Somewhere a collector would be very happy for that packet. Now you are an archeologist. x x

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