Oliver, Ruby and Rose

Some readers may have come here from The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles featuring Miss Rose, so here are some pictures of the trio to show how they have made themselves at home during the last few months.

Moving day was fairly traumatic for them (and us!). It was the first time that they had moved house as adult cats, and being entirely indoor pets it must have been like their entire world had transformed. Back in Liverpool they were coaxed into the lounge and then shut in while the movers took all the furniture away. Then they had two and a half hours in their travel cages in the car to Leicester. Following this they were shut in the cold, strange old kitchen here in the new house while we directed the moving men for the rest of the afternoon. We didn’t have much time to reassure them and at one point we went back into the kitchen to check how they were going when we realised Oliver had disappeared. Rose had decided to climb back into her travel cage (smart girl), while Ruby was catatonic (!) hiding behind the pantry door but Oliver was nowhere to be seen. We wondered how he had managed to escape. Has he squeezed through a door or a window? There was a cat flap on the kitchen door but we were fairly certain it was locked but what if he managed to get through? He would be wandering Leicester scared and alone! After some minutes of panic we discovered that he was still in the kitchen, hiding in the cat litter which has a cover. Poor boy. If that wasn’t enough, when the movers left and the house was contained we opened the kitchen door for Oliver to follow us upstairs to our new home he ran and took cover. Rose and Ruby were willing to trust us and come out but Oliver made a beeline for the nearest rolled up piece of old carpet and hid, just like when he was a kitten. In the end we had to put him back in his travel cage and carry him upstairs to the third floor and re-release him. It was the most traumatic day of the dear boy’s life.

Luckily cats are very adaptable and it only took a few days for them to become accustomed to their new spaces. At first when Mark got home from work he had to make sure he called out so the cats would realise who was coming up the stairs but after a while they got used to the new spaces, smells and noises.


A few weeks later, this is the cats back in their “room of terror”.IMG_0787

Ruby on the banister. IMG_4610

Ruby in a more subdued mood.IMG_1265

Oliver and Ruby with their new water fountain.IMG_1156

A stand-off over the new mouse/bird hybrid toy, later to become known as Frankenmouse.IMG_0928

Oliver discovering the sink in the bedroom (!).IMG_0707

Ruby making her thoughts known about the new plans.IMG_1143

Rosie behind the blue curtains.IMG_1058

Rosie behind the gingham curtains.IMG_4613

Rosie on the damask bedspread.IMG_0629

The trio on the oriel window ledge before the tree was cut down.IMG_0763

Oliver making do with the lack of space in the kitchen/lounge/dining room.IMG_0852

Ruby in the old kitchen.Photo on 09-02-2014 at 15.33 #4

Oliver relaxing.IMG_0906

Oliver watching the fireworks (brave boy).IMG_0816

Ruby on the wardrobe boxes.IMG_0953

Oliver waiting for his steam bath in the bathroom.IMG_0743

Ruby investigating new boxes.Photo on 07-02-2014 at 20.04 #2

Rosie finally remembering, after four months, that it was OK to sit on the couch with me.Photo on 28-01-2014 at 16.59

Ruby being dramatic against the evening sky.IMG_0804

Rosie being beautiful.IMG_0999

Rosie being beautiful.IMG_1204

Oliver checking plans.IMG_0624

A ladybird in the light shade.IMG_0713

Oliver and Ruby passing the time.


5 thoughts on “Oliver, Ruby and Rose

  1. Bless their little kitty hearts! I’m sure you have more than enough “supervision” with those three on hand. What an adventure – awesome!!

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