Found Objects #3 – Sodium Amytal

IMG_1366A vintage bottle of Sodium Amytal, a barbiturate  now banned in the UK. When legal, prescribed for insomnia and anxiety. Also employed as the original “truth serum”. A high potential for dependence and addiction…

Found under a scrap of vintage floral carpet hidden in a corner of the coal store…

Hypotheses welcome…

14 thoughts on “Found Objects #3 – Sodium Amytal

  1. If Sir or Madam had been faffing about in the coal store it would have been very strange, so my hypothesis is the hiding was by an employee. I learn something every day and now it is that ” the invention of capsules was due to drug manufacturers needing to mask the foul taste of medicinal compounds during the early 1900s.”
    Did the maid get these from the maid next door who worked for a doctor? Was she going to slip it into the hot cocoa one night so that Sir might admit in front of Madam that he had been having his way with the maid?
    Then she realised that would mean unemployment and reconsidered.

  2. Scott, I think you should write a novel based on your house and it’s discoveries – start in the present, do detective work an uncover a mystery in Edwardian times! – sure done before but aren’t there only 7 stories in the world!

  3. Early in the 20th century the house was occupied one of the various ‘spooks’ agencies. These were stashed away by a secretary who intended to retrieve them one day and use them on her miserable two timing boyfriend. Unfortunately before she could she discovered she was ‘with child’ and the scoundrel had to marry her, it was never a happy marriage but it endured and they lived a ripe old age. Every so often she would give him a wry grin as she recalled the pills and her intended use. He, self obsessed to the very end, thought it a look of adoration. He was such a fool.

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