Found Objects #4



When we were ripping up the carpet in Mark’s future study there were a couple of loose floorboards where an electrician had lifted them to wire the house. A few pages of The Guardian newspaper were placed in there and we are fairly confident that we can date the wiring to that time: the summer of 1960.

IMG_0874It would make sense. The Fraser family had lived in the house for a year or so and would have been making improvements. I assume there was electricity in the house before 1960 but it looks as if the house was re-wired at that time. That makes the house’s wiring completely out of date, though we assumed that anyway.


I would say that the carpet also dated from 1960 – the rubber backing had completely disintegrated and turned into a yellow dust. Oliver assisted. We were very pleased to discover the original red hearth tiles underneath.





3 thoughts on “Found Objects #4

  1. yes Andrew, if the news in them is different but we can see that in 1960 it was Mr Gates and Cyprus, so same old same old.
    Good to know the study will be warm. I can see that fire surrounded by the cats.
    Oliver has an expression that says when?

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