March Update

I need to be careful what I write publicly but let’s just say that we have parted ways with our architect (whose name I have edited out of past posts – luckily I only ever used their first name).

As the first couple of tenders for the work came in from the builders it became clear that we weren’t going to be able to do everything that we had wanted to do, let alone the extras that we had been encouraged to add. I was so glad I had already bought my lovely light fittings but there was the real prospect that there would be no electrical wires installed to turn them on!

Within two days (and over two sleepless nights – sending emails to myself at 1, 2 and 3am so I didn’t forget my latest thoughts) I had completely and radically revised the project, discussed it with my preferred builder and come to an understanding with him. Final costings are happening this week and work will begin in April! I always had several back-up plans if our first ideas weren’t feasible, it’s just that if we had better advice we would have instigated them sooner.

Ironically the builder I selected was JB, the very first builder I ever contacted when we were considering buying the house in June last year! Even at the time I found his phone conversation very helpful, so I am glad that things have come full circle and he is going to be working on the project.

My design is actually quite inspired, if I say so myself, and it saves tens of thousands of pounds! If you want something done, best to do it yourself! Part of it comes from having lived in the house for almost six months, so ideas keep forming and circulating.  If we still can’t manage with a builder overseeing the project then the next step is for me to put on the hard hat and project manage it myself, but I don’t think I have the experience to do that. Maybe next time!

JB is confident we can do the revised project on our budget but I don’t want to speak too soon as the final figures won’t be in for a few more days yet. However, with the days getting longer, the sun coming out and the daffodils and crocuses bursting through the ground declaring that spring is here, it feels that our long winter on the top floor may soon be coming to an end!


12 thoughts on “March Update

  1. Oh my gosh!! Mum and I commented that we haddn’t had an update in a while – no wonder! JB sounds great – good you found him. Can you elaborate any more on your plans? Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Michelle – I’ll go through the plans as soon as I know that we can do them, probably early next week. Basically it means not doing a demolition and build but simply a radical reconfiguration and renovation!

      • OK. We jsut had new aircon installed! $10,000 later!!!!!! Our aircon is split system ducted hot and cold. We got the top of the range Daeken. It works like a dream – better than the old one! After 21 years it had had it! A few less meals at the Ritz for me!!!

        • Ouch. We had the same kind of system in our Murrumbeena house. It was great. I also installed a separate split system aircon unit in the bedroom so that I could have something on at night without the expense of cooling the whole house. I used to love it – it was like sleeping in my own private refrigerator!

    • Thanks iODyne. Rosie and Ruby also approve of the builder. They followed him around all the time he was here, Rosie acting all coquettish and Ruby giving expectant and inquisitive stares while she walked all over the plans.

  2. I’m so glad to have found your blog – it’s getting me so excited for my purchase which is halfway through, on a mid terrace Edwardian property (much smaller scale!)
    I look forward to seeing how you progress

  3. I cannot remember you writing anything particularly critical. Some people need to move to the 21st century. Of course they may not always like what they read. I would be very disappointed if I was never corrected or criticised online.

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