House History #5 Graffiti

IMG_4782When I was doing some garden clearing last weekend I noticed that the back and side wall of the coal store had some writing etched into the brickwork. The letters AFR are repeated several times. When I later checked my house history files I realised that there was only on person this could be: Andrew F Rutherford. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Rutherford family lived here between 1952 and 1958. Andrew was the son of Mark and Annie and was born in 1940, making him 12 when the family moved in. Some time in his teenage years he stood at the back of the house, in a spot not easily observed from the inside, and carved his initials into the wall.

IMG_4783There’s more below but I can’t make it out.

IMG_4784Then, at the back of the house, is the date 1961. Below it is written K Fraser. Kate Fraser was the youngest child of George and Paddy Fraser. Born in 1952, she was nine when she wrote this and was actually the last child to grow up in this house.

IMG_4785Just to the left is a drawing of a face. I can’t quite work out whether that is meant to be a moustache.

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