March Update #2

In my last update I told you how JB the builder was revising his quote based on my new design. The good news was that the cost came in significantly cheaper. The bad news was that it was still over budget. I sat down with him for a second time and continued to rip things out of the specification until we got to the right number. It meant that we have decided to do the renovation in two stages, leaving for later the utility room and downstairs toilet. JB had an inspired idea though – if we moved the boiler from downstairs to the airing cupboard in the bathroom we would have room for a small “utility closet” under the stairs! It also means that the boiler will be much closer to the hot water tank, which is a good thing.

We are still to-ing and fro-ing with the quote as both the plumber and electrician are revising their figures. I also had a visit from a structural engineer who will do the calculations for the structural work and give us a more accurate figure for that. JB is currently on holiday overseas but we will meet up again when he gets back the week after next. We are still aiming for a start date of April 7. I hope to have all the wallpaper stripped before they begin, so I’d better get to work!



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