House Tour: Master Bedroom

2013-06-10 at 1.09.45 PMThis was the enticing image of the master bedroom in the house sale brochure. Through the window you can see the branches of the silver birch that we had cut down just after we moved in. In 1960s Britain it was the height of sophistication to have hot and cold running water in the bedroom, hence the sink in the corner that blocks the door from opening into the adjacent room, which I assume would have originally been a nursery or a dressing room. On the plus side it is a very big room with lots of afternoon light. Loads of original features too.

IMG_1522Look how bright it is now that the tree has been cut down. Today Mark and I ripped up the carpet and discovered that the floorboards have been painted around the edges of the room. Eventually we will re-lay carpet so we are not too worried about the condition of the boards. You can also see that we are living out of cardboard wardrobes.

IMG_1517The black suitcase is my ‘chest of drawers’. It kind of feels like we are staying long term in a run-down boarding house.

IMG_1518Our plan is to remove the basin and reinstate the door, turning the room next door into an en suite bathroom.

IMG_1515Behind my other ‘wardrobe’ is the collection of very expensive light fittings that I bought (luckily) before we realised how costly everything else was going to be…at least the house will have fabulous lighting. You can also see the blocked up Art Nouveau fireplace that I will restore at some point.

IMG_1521Removing the carpet revealed the original green Edwardian hearth tiles. Many of them are cracked and in quite poor condition, so I am tempted to just carpet over them. I will have a closer look and see what I can do.

IMG_1516Now for my conundrum. I can’t bring myself to have the original built-in Edwardian wardrobe destroyed but it really affects the balance of the room. If it were gone I could place the second bedside table to the right of the bed and then have two wall lights in the alcoves on either side of the fireplace. I have measured and there is no other wall where I can put the bed. Also the other alcove is wider than the one with the wardrobe so I can’t even have the wardrobe moved to the other side. The other day I was watching an interior design makeover show and the judges went into a bedroom in an Edwardian house and exclaimed “Oh, I’ve never seen a built in Edwardian wardrobe before!” There’s no way I can get rid of it, is there? I think I will just have to live with it. What do you think?

IMG_1520Once Mark had finished helping me with the removal of the carpet and went back upstairs, I thought I would see what was behind the bulging plaster in the other alcove. I turns out that the paint and lining paper were holding the plaster in place. I knocked the whole lot out and got back to bare brick. It made quite a mess. Mark doesn’t like it when I start destroying the house but I tell him that it has to get worse before it gets better! I started to pull off the lining paper on the ceiling, as you can see, but then had visions of the entire ceiling coming down so I stopped. Even I have my limits.

dar-zaragoza-6-light-pendant-90cm-cream-zar0633-11306-pThis is the light I have bought for the bedroom. My concept is hotel chic with striped Laura Ashley wallpaper.

img-thingThe wallpaper.

dar-zaragoza-18w-wall-light-cream-comes-with-shade-zar0133-18le-11291-pThese are the matching wall lights, also bought. If I can’t do the wall lights in the alcoves I will have to rethink. There is a smaller version of the same light going in either the kitchen or meals room, so I can always use the wall lights there instead.




16 thoughts on “House Tour: Master Bedroom

  1. Goodbye wardrobe, hello to space for getting out of bed. Love the light fittings echo of the windows, and the wallpaper vertical echo of the lights. Your vision is strong, stay with it.

  2. Hmmm….difficult one. I know you said you’ve measured everything, but is there now way to bed could be between the two doors, facing the fireplace? I guess it’s too long? Once the wardrobe’s gone, it’s gone….
    Lovely blog, by the way 😉

  3. We love to rehab homes. It is your home and you should do what works for you, but were it me, I’d put the head of the bed into that beautiful bay window, pulling the curtains to the side to provide a bit of a canopy effect. Another thought is to leave the bed where it is, but move the night stand, which would allow you to center the bed. Use over the bed lighting for reading in bed. I would be averse to removing things that are reminders of a way of life that we see no more. I would love to see what the inside of the wardrobe looks like, though. It doesn’t appear that it could hold very much clothing.

    • Debby, I’ll take some shots of the inside and post them. I also thought about the bay window. There would still be no room for the bedside tables and I am worried that because the bedhead is so high it might block the light and look a bit funny.

  4. Isn’t it agonising when you have to make these decisions!? It seems a shame to get rid of it if you can make the bedroom work another way. However, if there really is no other wall or space i.e as already suggested, in the bay window, then I think you need to do what makes the space work best for you. This reminds me of when we lost one of our bay windows. Like you I really didn’t want to do it, but in the end it was the only option. Other than that, the room is beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  5. Good morning , what did you do with regards the hearth tiles?

    I’m currently obsessing what to do with the Edwardian house I’m buying as every single rooms need re doing!

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