Wardrobes Continued

$_12As you know, we are keeping the built in wardrobe in the bedroom. We always knew, however, that it wouldn’t be big enough for all of our clothes so I have been searching for another wardrobe that will fit along the long wall in the bedroom between the bedroom and en suite doors.$_12

This is an Edwardian bow fronted triple wardrobe, or compendium, as it is technically called.  It’s just over two metres wide and about 210cm tall. It comes from an antique dealer in Derbyshire and will fit the space perfectly.

$_12-3I love the shape of it and the flame mahogany veneers. It’s great because it combines hanging space with drawers and shelves, which is why it is called a compendium.

$_12-1It is a little shallower than modern wardrobes but it is more generous than many of them as it has a hanging depth of 5ocm. It’s hard to believe that furniture like this is cheaper than a modern softwood or MDF wardrobe of the same size.

$_12-2Nice inlays as well. I also love the fact that it has two mirrored doors – we needed a full length mirror anyway, plus it makes the piece look much lighter than if it were all solid, dark wood.

It’s being delivered next Tuesday. It breaks down into seven pieces, so we will be able to store it in the house and move it around as the work takes place.


7 thoughts on “Wardrobes Continued

  1. I have been looking at chiffoniers too Andrew! According to all the TV antique shows, “brown furniture”, as they disparagingly call it, is not popular at the moment. There are bargains to be had. I have also discovered an auction house just down the road…

  2. This is without a doubt the most beautiful wardrobe I’ve ever seen. Just gorgeous! Down the road from an auction house??!! Oh, I can hardly wait to see what you come home with next.

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