Contract Signed!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 09.10.40JB came over yesterday with the contracts and we have signed them! Well, I have signed them and Mark needs to add his signature before next week.

I should be excited but I’m ill at the moment so I’ll get excited later. I guess I am also feeling a bit exhausted having gotten us to this point, what with the ‘architect experience’ wasting us a good few months and a fair bit of money. I know that people complain about all the mess that builders make and how they couldn’t wait for them to leave but we are just so glad that there will finally be some work beginning that we don’t care what sort of mess they make, or if they arrive at 5am or if they have blaring radios. Remind me I said that if I ever complain.

We are also realising the delay has been a blessing in disguise: there was no way we would have got through the winter without the heating; we have had a chance to refine our plans and really get to know the house; the cats have become accustomed to their new territory without hindrance; and Mark has settled in at work without having to come home to a building site.

We are, however looking forward to a few things. A dishwasher. The ability to bring something to the boil on a stove top. Not living in two rooms with three moulting cats. Being able to fully extend the reach of the vacuum cleaner without bashing into a piece of furniture. Replacing the “old lady curtains”, as Mark calls them. Having a shower in something larger than a phone box cubicle. Getting the rest of our possessions out of storage. Unpacking. Not living out of a suitcase and cardboard wardrobes.

I’m probably making it sound worse than it actually is. In fact we keep saying that once the house is finished we won’t know ourselves. We’ll hardly ever see each other and the cats won’t know where to settle as they’ll have too many choices. We haven’t even started and we’re already thinking about downsizing!



4 thoughts on “Contract Signed!

  1. Congratulations! Very exciting. We also found that the the longest bit is often refining plans and thinking things through. Once building works start, it can all happen surprisingly quickly – and better to end up with something that’s really how you wanted it, rather than something that was settled on in a rush (there’ll probably still be plenty of bits that have to be worked out ‘on the fly’). Looking forward to see the pictures!

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