House Tour: First floor hallway

IMG_1557This is the first floor hallway. Looking in this direction you can see that the toilet and bathroom are through the doors on the left. On the right hand side down near Oliver is a little alcove with a narrow window. At the end of the hall you can see there is a door that closes off the back landing and access to the servant’s staircase. Through the door right at the end is the servant’s bedroom above the kitchen and scullery. You can see that many of the floorboards are loose or broken. This is because major service pipes like heating and water run along here under the floor so they have lifted and replaced several times. While it was still carpeted, the cats enjoyed racing up and down the hallway chasing the red laser dot. It was the first time we had seen Oliver run at full speed for any distance and unfortunately he has a rather ungainly, albeit joyful, way of galloping.

IMG_1561Here is the view from the back landing. Oliver is emerging from the bathroom on the right. At that far end of the hall is a door to the left that leads into Mark’s future study, another door that you can’t see that leads into the master bedroom. Straight ahead is a door into the bedroom that will be converted into an en suite bathroom.

IMG_1566Stepping even further back into the servant’s bedroom, you can see that the washing machine is currently set up on the back landing. Next week it will be moved temporarily into our already cramped top floor quarters as all services (water, electricity and heating) on lower floors will be cut off. Oliver is now on top of the washing machine, as you can see. In the far distance you can see Ruby.

IMG_1589On the main landing stands the central part of the wardrobe I bought the other week. Not quite sure where to put it at the moment as we will need to ensure it is out of the way of the builders. It is extremely heavy and we don’t want to move it too many times.


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