Wallpaper Day #3


IMG_1611I made excellent progress on day 3 of wallpaper removal, finishing the lounge!

IMG_1609Some pictures of the advancement. The thin orange paper is staying, particularly as Mr Johnson was unable to remove it 1935. The paper in this room tended to come off in two sections – first the many layers of paint and the top of the 1935 textured wallpaper would lift, then I would have to go back over the wall to remove the paper backing, as you can see in the above picture. By the way, the section above the picture rail is paint, not wallpaper, so I don’t need to do anything with that.

IMG_1607You might remember in an earlier post I was unsure of the correct British word for this room. It looks like Mr Johnson agrees with me – he also labeled it the Lounge.

IMG_1606At this point the paint came off and left the surface of the old paper, so that you can see it is both textured and two-toned.

IMG_1610And finally I reached the other side of the window. I don’t need to remove the paper in the bay under the window as it is going to be replastered.

One room down, seven to go! Actually six as JB says I should leave the dining room and just paint over the lining paper.





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