Wallpaper Day #4

IMG_1620Today I spent an hour or two starting to strip the wallpaper in the master bedroom. This was a more modern vinyl wallpaper and I discovered that you could peel the vinyl surface off while it was dry and then use the steamer to easily take off the backing. It was also good that the paper hadn’t been painted over at all, making my job much easier!

IMG_1626Given my experience in the lounge I wasn’t surprised to find an odd colour painted on an extremely thin lining paper underneath the wallpaper. This time we have a delightful moss green. In all the books about the history of Edwardian interior design there is an emphasis on light, pale colours, so I don’t think the early inhabitants of this house had paid full attention!

IMG_1627Having stripped this wall, we brought in the centre section of the wardrobe to get it off the landing and out of the way of the builders. You can see that it will fit perfectly in this space.IMG_1623For the record, here is a close up of Paddy Fraser’s last wallpaper. It was pale pink and white and featured tiny leafy branches.

IMG_1629Other wallpapers in this room have included this blue and white striped paper, as seen on the leaky bay that will be replastered…

IMG_1628… and right in the corner, in the inch and half between the edge of the door architrave and the wall, I revealed a piece of another paper. This one had a white background, and featured tiny branches and leaves in a chocolate brown with pink flowers.


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