Build Day #2, Wallpaper Day #6


IMG_1725 Day 2 of the build was all about preparing for the bricklayers who are coming tomorrow. JB showed me a new tool that allows him to cut bricks out of a wall without breaking them. That’s what has been done here – bricks can be re-used and the blocking up of this window will  be very neat.

IMG_1733They did the same thing with the door.

IMG_1732The servants no longer have a door on their toilet.

IMG_1730It might make a nice shed door so I think I’ll hold on to it. It would be nice to reuse as much as possible from the house.

IMG_1724The pantry has been demolished.

IMG_1727The outline of the french doors has been cut into the outer wall of the pantry.

IMG_1715It was a very noisy and dusty affair that made the entire house vibrate.

IMG_1718It was a clear sunny day. That’s the brick dust you can see wafting over the neighbouring houses. Sorry neighbours! Later I had a disturbing thought. That was the dust created outside when they cut through a doorway – imagine the dust inside when they cut through the new internal kitchen door!

IMG_1719Meanwhile I finished stripping the wallpaper in the future en suite.

IMG_1721Once again, large sections of the moss green were so stubborn I had to leave them. I’m glad I finished this room as tomorrow and Friday all of the bathroom items are being delivered and this is where I am going to store them.

Tomorrow will be busy. There will be several major deliveries, the bricklayers will be arriving, the plumber will be decommissioning the boiler and shutting off much of the water in the house, the structural engineer will be here, the water company will be testing our water quality (lead pipes are going regardless) and I’m having a chat with the producer of a television series about home renovating…



2 thoughts on “Build Day #2, Wallpaper Day #6

  1. “whole house vibrate”? OH NO won’t someone think of The PutzyKatz?!
    “the servants no longer have a door on their toilet” might more accurately be “this toilet no longer has any servants” 🙂

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