Build Day #3

Day three was very busy.

IMG_1771The plumbers were here and they set up the temporary water supply for the top floor. Here you can see it snaking from downstairs, through the future en suite and the up to the next floor. They also plumbed in our washing machine, which is now squished into our already tiny bathroom. The tumble dryer is now on the landing. At least it means we have totally uninterrupted laundry capabilities – much to Mark’s delight.

IMG_1739The plumbers also cut off the gas and the rest of the water, removed the boiler and began to demolish the bathroom and toilet.

IMG_1742Goodbye toilet!

IMG_1743Goodbye bathroom!

IMG_1734Our skip arrived today as well.

IMG_1744It wasn’t long before it was half full. Look, everything including the kitchen sink!

IMG_1741There were deliveries of bathroom supplies. More to come tomorrow.

IMG_1747The rickety wooden screen was demolished.

IMG_1751The structural engineer came to advise on the structural work. We need to work out a way to hold up the chimney at the back of the house once the servant’s toilet wall is removed. The entire chimney is propped up by the wall, these wooden beams and blocks of stone. The more major structural work will be in the kitchen.

IMG_1757The back wall was completely knocked through into the pantry.

IMG_1760It is the first time that the house has a view onto the back garden! It also reinforced how dismal the garden actually is at the moment. I like how the builders have set up an outdoor recreation space with their garden chairs. I forgot to take a close up of the bricks – they are stamped Whitwick Colliery, which was a colliery and brickworks to the northwest of Leicester.

IMG_1735At the same time new bricks were arriving!



6 thoughts on “Build Day #3

  1. This is fascinating, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this goes, and that brick cutting out machine is a great toy.

    • 16-18 weeks. A lot will be dependent upon the weather for external works and decoration. Let’s hope for a fairly mild and dry summer! As we have a fixed price contract it’s in JB’s interest to get things done as efficiently as possible. I will probably still be doing internal decoration later than that though. Then there’s the garden to think about…

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