Build Day #4

IMG_1763It’s a little unnerving when you can see the room beneath your floorboards.

IMG_1766That’s because the kitchen ceiling came down today in preparation for the structural steels. It made quite a mess. Extremely fine dust even made its way into the top floor. I could taste it before I could see it and it eventually settled on all surfaces. This must be that dust that people complain of during building works…

IMG_1790The rest of the bathroom pieces also arrived today. At some point I will need to select tiles.

IMG_1775It was a little rainy today so the bricklayer couldn’t do everything he planned. He made some progress though on finishing off the new doorway opening. It was such seamless work that at first I didn’t realise that any brickwork had been done.IMG_1776

Here is a picture of an original brick from the house.

IMG_1774And this is one of the new bricks.


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