Wallpaper Day #7

IMG_1804Today is Miss Rose’s third birthday. Now retired from the show circuit, she is a titled Premier Champion. She is very pretty and she knows it. She is also very sweet.

IMG_1827I decided that the final set of bookshelves in Mark’s future study needed to come down. They weren’t of the best quality and were going to get in the way – the radiator needs to be moved and ideally the wallpaper stripped. It made sense to do it now while we have the skip and builders on hand to make any repairs to the walls.

IMG_1829It was a difficult demolition mainly because of the length of the shelves – each shelf was a continuous piece of timber and it was tricky manoeuvring  them out of the room. The room feels a lot bigger now that they are gone.

IMG_1832This wall proved very trying. Once again there was an original paper that had been painted over countless times but instead of it sticking to the wall permanently, it took the top layer of plaster off with it. Joy. This entire wall will probably need to be re-skimmed. Tomorrow I will see if the other walls behave the same way.



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