Build Day #6

IMG_1858One week in and we have filled our first skip! When the new skip arrived I wondered how they orchestrated the changeover.

IMG_1860The skip is covered and lifted onto the truck.

IMG_1864At this point the full skip sits on top of the new skip.

IMG_1865Both skips are then placed back onto the road.

IMG_1869And finally the full skip is lifted back onto the truck leaving the new skip in position. An elegant solution.

IMG_1870The brickwork continued. The electrician visited. The structural engineer returned. Apparently we are going to save a fair bit of money as the chimney breast in the kitchen does not continue all the way up through the rest of the house – though I’ve been saying that for some time now (it’s always good when the experts catch up).

IMG_1890For some reason Miss Rose has managed to claim the top of the cat tree – she looks very proud of herself.




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