Build Day #7

IMG_1893Today was the first day of electrical work and the focus was getting a new electrical feed to the top floor.

IMG_1895There was much lifting of floorboards, head scratching and drilling – the electrics have not been updated since 1960. We now have no power on the ground or first floor, so bedtime will involve torches or candles. The cats were going well with all the noise and intrusion but Oliver started to get worried when one of the electricians had to do some work in the top floor kitchen/lounge where they were enclosed for the day. I asked the electrician to introduce himself to Oliver so that he wouldn’t get scared (since our burglary in Liverpool, Oliver has been scared of male strangers in the house, particularly when he hears unusual footsteps on the stairs).  It was only afterwards that I realised how mad that would seem to the electrician, who very sweetly complied with my request.

IMG_1902Meanwhile, the door continued to be bricked in. It’s a very nice job using heritage bricks and traditional lime mortar, plus the pattern, English Bond (alternating rows of brick stretchers and headers) must be time consuming. It is taking quite a while though – I’m glad I’m not paying by the hour!

IMG_1896In another part of the house the bathroom was ripped out. It turns out that the tiles in the shower were simply stuck onto the wallpaper underneath!

IMG_1898It’s a bad thing for the bathroom but a good thing for a house historian like me: two wallpaper patterns to add to the archive. A pale blue and pink loose floral pattern.

IMG_1899Blue birds on branches (with black mould).

IMG_1897I need to make sure Oliver, Ruby and Rose don’t come in here – there are now holes big enough for them to fall through.

IMG_1901Very atmospheric below though.



2 thoughts on “Build Day #7

  1. Competition-level bricklaying I think.
    Yes the bluebird wallpaper is very interesting: Laura Ashley-ish, but nothing good about tiles onto it damp-wise (maybe in Portugese climate but not England).
    I have wondered, with every photo of a build-day, where are the cigbutts and coke bottles? I am experienced with Aussie tradies who fling their lunch detritus everywhere.
    Re the furred family and “the builders must think we are mad” – remember you are in England now (and except for the scum featured occasionally in the DM) they understand animal companion care.

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