Build Day #8

IMG_1927Today the bricklayer finished bricking up the side door and window! A nice job.


We’ll have to remove that phantom step though.


He also raised the level of the window sill for the future kitchen window as it was too low to fit modern kitchen units under.


The electricians began the ‘first fix’ of the new wiring. This machine is both a router that cuts into the walls and an industrial vacuum that sucks up the dust – ingenious. It is very noisy: the vibrations come right up the walls to the top floor so that it felt like there was drilling directly beneath my feet. Miss Rose was the one who panicked about this while the other two seemed nonplussed. She went and hid behind the sofa but as it was an intermittent noise she got a little more used to it as the day wore on. I feel very sorry for the neighbours.


Here you can see some of the new sockets and wall lights taking shape.

IMG_1926This was the external door which is to become an internal door: after 110 years it is moving about three metres. It will be going in the new doorway to be formed just behind those hanging wires.

The tests we had done to check the lead levels in our water came back today. The safe level is 25 micrograms per litre or less. The first test – of standing water straight out of the pipe – came in at 306. The second test, taken after running water through the pipes for two minutes, was a more respectable 29. This level still means, however, that the water company is fast tracking the replacement of the lead service pipe which runs from the mains under the street. They have also sent us an urgent care package of bottled water! As the last occupant of the house lived here for 56 years and made it to 94 years old we’re not too worried. The problem with lead in water is about long term exposure and it’s worse for children and pregnant women. We are also replacing all of the internal lead pipework as well as our service connection to the footpath, so in a few weeks there will be absolutely no lead pipes servicing the house. We will be giving the cats the bottled water in the meantime though.


5 thoughts on “Build Day #8

  1. I’m with Chad ` things are moving along swiftly. A good overseer DOES make a world of difference, as we have recently found out. (YAY!) I love that you saved that door. We tried to hang on to as much of the original as we could in our houses. Sometimes, it is not feasible, but if it is possible, it really does add a charactor to a house.

  2. 55 years ago in primary school we were warned to not chew the ends of our lead pencils but some kids just chewed through the wood. so weird. A nice not should placate the neighbours? and in the meantime cat-care is the main thing. Bless your site-boss.

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