Build Day #9

IMG_1933The electricians continued chasing in the new wiring. This is a new handy switch by the front door which will control the hall light, the outside light and the cloakroom light.

IMG_1934Lounge ceiling and wall lights switch.

IMG_1935Hall and stairs…there are many more examples but that gives you the idea. I am amazed at how they managed to snake the wires up and down walls, under floors and in ceilings.

IMG_1932A partial demolition of the chimney breast revealed that the void is packed with building debris. It will probably fill an entire skip.

IMG_1936The second side door has now been bricked up. I have been having a panic on and off about the fact that we are blocking both side doors. It makes sense for the room configurations though, plus the new rear double doors will be just around the corner. We still have three ground floor doors – the front door, the french windows in the dining room and the new double doors at the back. I am also hoping that we are not blocking too much light – however the kitchen will have a new opening into the hallway plus the huge window you can see on the right. The meals room will have a big window, a small window and glass double doors. Plus both the kitchen and meals room open into each other. Hopefully that will be enough light!

IMG_1937My bricklayer wanted to point out that he didn’t make a mistake with this new window sill. If you look carefully you can see that the gap in the mortar between the top two rows of bricks is significantly wider on the right hand side. The resulting sill, however, is level. That’s because the entire house has settled over time, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s not a cause for concern structurally, so we’re not worried.

IMG_1939Miss Rose continues her love affair with the top of the cat tree.


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