Build Day #10 & some Found Objects

IMG_1945Today the trench was dug from the house to the road in order to replace the lead water pipe. You can see a number of services coming into the house at this point – electricity, an old gas pipe, a new gas pipe, and the lead water pipe. On the left of the picture you can also make out a sewage pipe leaving the house. The foundations are also clearly visible – Edwardian houses commonly have a series of stepped brick courses for their foundations, which were often left to settle for a year before the house was completed.

IMG_1947The bricking up of the door continues, slowly but expertly.

IMG_1950Also today the old kitchen ceiling was demolished but it was too dark in there to get a decent photo. Brought down in the rubble were more cigarette packs – this house is fast becoming a cigarette packet museum. Here we have Park Drive again, this time in red, which I think dates a little later the previous blue packets, perhaps 1965.

IMG_1951We then hurtle into the 1970s with some Players No.6.

IMG_1952More interestingly there was this round ticket: Bubble, which I guess was a school social of some description. “Mo Brown and Hellion’s People; Evington Hall Grammar; 5/-; Seven Thirty to Ten Thirty/ November 22”. The price of 5 shillings means that this predates the introduction of decimal currency in 1971. I Googled the band names but there were no matches. The ticket had slipped between the floorboards in the bedroom above – whether it was deliberate or accidental we will never know.

IMG_1953Written on the back was the ticket number 261.



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