Build Day #11

IMG_1960A quick ‘before’ shot as the scaffold goes up next week.

IMG_1963The trench awaits the arrival of the special insulated duct for the water pipes. At the bottom the high ground water is just visible.

IMG_1959I wondered why the skip was so full of bricks.

IMG_1965Then I discovered why: the servant’s toilet is no more. You can see right through into the pantry!

IMG_1971The view from inside the old kitchen. There is still more demolition to do so this space will be a really good size when it’s all done. I had a brief panic about whether we made the right choice turning this into the breakfast room rather than the kitchen but Mark and I rationalised the decision. It will mean that there is a living space leading directly to the garden. Also the kitchen, where I have planned for it to go, will be in a more central part of the house rather than right at the back, which I think will be more convenient and sociable for the person cooking. It also returns the kitchen to its original Edwardian location.

IMG_1972The chimney above is being held up by the remnant of the wall and also the large metal brace pole. I’ll have to remind JB that we haven’t yet agreed on a price for this structural work – I hope for his sake he doesn’t have to rebuild the wall!

IMG_1981I have held on to the cast iron brackets that were holding up the cistern in the servant’s toilet. Those clearly have the letter ‘S’ on them – does it stand for Servant? Surely not.

IMG_1964Also the bricking up of the door was completed today. A very neat job.

I have a feeling that tomorrow will see the knocking through of the new internal doorway from the hall into the kitchen! Prepare for dust!




4 thoughts on “Build Day #11

  1. “kitchen to its original Edwardian location.” is your linchpin re the decision.
    Bit concerned re not agreeing on a price before that work. remind him that the skip full of bricks would be purchased by someone, even if for crushing.
    Love the S brackets and of course they will hold a shelf for anything. Put one up for the kitties to leap on. Plenty of those on Pinterest cat boards. 🙂

    • iODyne – yes, we have a fixed price contract for everything except the steel work in that section as we were waiting for the structural engineer. I think JB’s men got a bit ahead of themselves. JB has, however, already saved me £1700 on the other structural work so in effect it’s in the contract…we just need to finalise the actual number.

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