Build Day #13

IMG_2011Today the water company came to replace their part of the lead service pipe. The workmen started with a tea break. Then they began to cut through the footpath with a large circular saw. That coiled blue plastic pipe is our new connection from the house to the street.


After this some manual excavation commenced. Then it was elevenses.

IMG_2019This was followed by the digger. Then they had lunch. There was also lots of standing and looking into the trench.

IMG_2025 It’s difficult to see but in the clay is the iron mains water pipe with the lead service pipe connected. It turns out that we had two leaks – one where the pipe attached to the mains and another on our property – hence that ‘ground water’ I showed you yesterday.

IMG_2042A van with a loud speaker then went up and down the street warning residents that the water was going to be turned off. They then drained  the pipe and our new plastic pipe was attached to the mains.

IMG_2024On the house side the blue pipe goes into this brown insulated junction box called an Insuduct and then into the house. It saves having to dig under the house and up through the terrazzo floor.


IMG_2044All connected.

IMG_2050The hole is still there as it is the job of a separate team of workmen to fill it back in again.


IMG_2046We now have lead free water! This is the end of the Edwardian lead pipe that was attached to the mains.

IMG_2047Rosie inspecting the pipe. At the end of each day Oliver, Ruby, Rose and I go downstairs and inspect the work. There is lots of sniffing about (by the cats).

IMG_2069Oliver has discovered that the new electric wires swing about when you bat them.

IMG_2056I’m glad they’re not live.

IMG_2073Ruby getting a good view of the street.

IMG_2027The chimney breast in the future kitchen started to come down today.

IMG_2028You can see the angled brick that started the archway over the original fireplace. I need to check with the builders whether the arch was still there under all the plasterwork as it would have been nice to see it before it was removed. Probably a good thing I didn’t though as I would have been torn about whether or not to keep it.

IMG_2075As you can see by Miss Rose’s pose, the cats are very stressed about the building work.


2 thoughts on “Build Day #13

  1. gorgeous cats. just lovely to see them and I laughed at ‘stressed’. But jeepers that ‘van with loudhailer’ method sounds like “Bring out your dead” during the 17thC plague. You are going to have to throw a street party for your neighbours when all the mess ends.
    “started with a tea break” hurtled me back to the big radio presence of 1960 about the British laborer’s process
    so Charlie an me ‘ad anuvva cup a’tea and then we went home. đŸ™‚

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