Found Objects #7

IMG_1786Various found objects that I haven’t posted about until now. This is a pre-1971 Leicester bus ticket that I found rolled up in a corner of the master bedroom wardrobe. It cost three pennies, otherwise known as threepence or a threepenny bit – or – as it was pronounced in this part of England – thruppence/thrupney bit.

IMG_0737This one is a bit later perhaps, or maybe a return trip (it looks like both the Out and In are marked). It cost five pence and I found it in the fireplace in the back bedroom (during the fireplace reveal here).

IMG_0735On the back: Go by bus.

IMG_1982Screwed up the rubble from the demolition of the servant’s toilet was this letter. It may have come from the ceiling ie. was under the floorboards of the room above. It is a note dated the fifth of June 1970 from C Lloyd, the Head of Dulwich College (a London boys’ school), to George Fraser thanking him for his reference for a man named David Seed. I assume it was a reference for a teaching position and that Mr Seed was a student of Mr Fraser’s. My research tells me that David Seed is now a Professor of English at the University of Liverpool, which was the university where Mark worked before we came to Leicester!

IMG_1787Finally, a collection of coins from the bedroom wardrobe, most of the from the floor having slid under the skirting board. This image is full size so you can click on it to see better. On the top is a 1962 Irish coin; the second row has two thrupney bits dated 1941 and 1943. Row three: 20 centimes from France, 1964; a UK 1955 shilling; a half penny from between 1971 and 1981; a 1997 ten pence. Row four: seven 1 penny coins from various years, the brightest one being the newest from the year 2000. One or two more coins were sucked up by the vacuum cleaner when I was cleaning the wardrobe out…

IMG_1789The reverse ‘head’ sides of the coins.



5 thoughts on “Found Objects #7

  1. Pity your Irish 3d isn’t the 1933 which trades for € 350.00, but good to know that Dulwich College writes Thank Yous and I love the Uni synchronicity.

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