Build Day #15


IMG_2183Today the lintel was bricked and mortared in.

IMG_2190The outer bricking of the servants’ toilet began.

IMG_2174The bathroom was stripped out completely.

IMG_2196The basin in the bedroom was finally removed!

IMG_2172There was also lots of rewiring by the electricians, who continued the electrical ‘first fix’. The removal of old switches and trunking revealed yet more wallpaper samples. Here in the bedroom us a jaunty blue and white stripe.

IMG_2179Back bedroom – a peaches and cream stripe.

IMG_2180Rear landing.

IMG_2173In the toilet was this colourful long-stitch pattern in blue, red, yellow and green.

IMG_2195In the hall a dark teal and white pattern.

IMG_2171A green and red floral pattern in the future en suite. As these papers were immediately under the old wiring, it dates these patterns to those on the wall in 1960, if my calculations are correct.



2 thoughts on “Build Day #15

  1. my own experience is to check that all walls and corners are perfect rightangles and perpendicular (and of course they are not) before choosing a wallpaper with any kind of stripe, or the final strip match-up will be surreal. Love the boldness of that longstitch pattern, very Arts n Crafts. Soldier on.

  2. There’s a tiny bit of wallpaper floating about round here somewhere from this place, my goodness it’s hideous. To think of whole walls done in it gives me nausea!!

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