Build Days #16 & #17

IMG_2231The electricians continued the wiring. Here you can see the bedside table solution taking shape – wall lamps with switches beside the bed.

IMG_2197Skip three was taken away.

IMG_2215We had some deliveries.

IMG_2220This is the insulated board that will line the walls in the future breakfast room.

IMG_2223They will be slotted into this frame.


IMG_2222The servants’ toilet floor got its second layer of cement.

IMG_2221As did the step down to the new future French doors.

IMG_2218Speaking of steps, the one outside the bricked up tradesman’s entrance is on the move.

IMG_2232Yet more wallpaper samples.

IMG_2225We also knocked through the blocked up fireplace in the dining room revealing this! Now to work out what to do with it. The brickwork was never intended to be seen so I am thinking that we should plaster it but keep the arch shape. Eventually we can reinstate the chimney and put some sort of wood burner in there.

IMG_2217It turns out that this board was blocking the fireplace. It had been screwed to the wall and then plastered over. Do you recognise the wallpaper?

IMG_2209Rosie continues her love affair with her preferred carpet sample. She grooms it obsessively.

IMG_2214And then uses it as a pillow.

IMG_2200This morning Oliver and Ruby decided to go on an adventure – in the roof… As their blue food barrel in the spooky eaves cupboard is empty, one of them (my guess is Ruby) had managed to push it out the way and climb through the hole that the barrel had been blocking. I hadn’t been too worried about the hole as I thought it was far too small for a cat to fit through but I had blocked it with the barrel just in case.


I got down on my knees, peered though the hole calling their names. Finally I saw some little paws in the distance. Ruby managed to slip back through the little hole quite easily. Then Oliver tried. He stuck is head through but couldn’t work out that he needed to put his front legs through first. He then retreated back into the roof.  I went downstairs to get tools to break open the hole a bit more but when I returned Oliver was trying again.  First came one front leg and his head, then his second front leg. Oliver is a little husky and is quite rotund in the middle. Halfway out of the hole his tummy got stuck and I had visions of the fire brigade having to come and cut him out. He looked like a sausage being squeezed out of a sausage machine. He struggled a bit and I was worried he was panicking but then he managed to squeeze himself back through in one piece. They both look very proud of themselves and Ruby wanted to go back in immediately but I wasn’t having that. At the moment a large suitcase is blocking the hole and tomorrow I will try to cover it over permanently.



8 thoughts on “Build Days #16 & #17

  1. ‘When In Rome’ is very stylish (now and in about 1963) but maybe not in that house though. Rose will be beyond herself when there is an entire floor of her sniffy pillow.
    What a relief that roof adventure ended well. Now you know how it feels to be the mother in one of those bad news stories with “I only looked away for 1 second” in them. On Pinterest (my main cultural reference point these days) I have seen a picture of a tubby pet eating from its bowl ignoring the entire pet door stuck around its neck and the wrecked door behind. 🙂

  2. I have a big hole in my laundry wall where taps used to be… Alex regularly tries to burrow behind the items I have blocking it, trying to get into the wall cavity. Little bugger.

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