Build Day #18

IMG_2243We have attained full sight-line! Just look at that vista!

IMG_1145A reminder of how it used to be.

IMG_2254The removal of the rest of the servant’s toilet wall has opened up the view of the future French doors and the garden.

IMG_2252It’s all thanks to this – a new steel beam supporting the floor above.

IMG_2247The view from the garden.

IMG_2251How it looks as you walk in. This room, the future breakfast room – former kitchen/scullery/pantry and servant’s toilet – is much bigger than we had imagined.

IMG_2245The electricians continued their work and also the alarm installer completed his first fix. Secret location of alarm control panel.

IMG_2244The white wire dangling from the wall is for the new alarm’s bell box.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 10.55.38iPhoto does this face recognition thing so that you can name people in the photo. There was no-one upstairs when I took this…

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 17.24.46I did a super zoom in and there is still nothing. I wonder if the angle and proportions of the window bars triggered an auto-recognition… If you squint it sort of looks like a Moai face. Mark doesn’t want me to talk about it. I don’t believe in ghosts and nothing has ever happened here to make me feel uneasy. I once said something similar to a ghost-believer about another building and she replied “Well, maybe they like you”.

IMG_2238More deliveries of building materials.

IMG_2246Our new ceilings have arrived!


6 thoughts on “Build Day #18

  1. fret not – it was probably just one of the fur-kids doing a fast flash across the fenetre.
    There are only good spirits in that building, I can tell from the wallpapers – no bad vibes at all. Keep Calm And Carry On Constructing.

    • As far as I know, only person has actually died in the house – Campbell John Baxter, died aged 49 in 1952. He was a hosiery representative and possibly a former prisoner of war, so probably a good sort.

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