Build Day #19

IMG_2263Today was a bit of a slow day. The scaffolders were expected but they are now not coming until tomorrow. We got some new ceilings in the kitchen.

IMG_2264I think I failed to show you a picture of the completed bricking up of the servant’s toilet door which happened a few days back. The original door is propped up against it and I’m thinking of using it as the future side gate.

IMG_2265The frame for the walls continued to be constructed.

IMG_2266We are also future-proofing the build. You might recall that we are leaving the conversion of the coal store into a utility room and downstairs toilet until Stage 2 of the build. We decided that it was best to cut the doorway through into the coal store now and add the lintel while we were at this point in order to make it much easier to extend into there in the future. It will be plastered up behind the wall and ready to go when we finally get to Stage 2. We’re so clever.

IMG_2267A never before seen view into the coal store, the home of the hibernating butterflies and the hidden bottle of sodium amytal truth serum.



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