Build Day #20

IMG_2280The ceilings that had started to go up in the kitchen were taken back down again as the electricians needed access. Luckily only a few of the boards had been fitted.

IMG_2281Entire rooms were emptied of our stored boxes and furniture and the lounge got its new ceiling boards, which will be plastered over tomorrow.

IMG_2279This left other rooms bulging with our stuff!

IMG_2277In Mark’s future study the collapsing leaky ceiling was brought down and when JB investigated, it appears that we have some wet rot, with a fruiting body. Sounds delightful. If you look carefully through the ceiling into the shadows you can see an irregular line of white fungus. This will be treated when the window on the floor above is removed and the source of the moisture is stopped. At least wet rot isn’t as bad as dry rot, apparently.

IMG_2275The old radiator from the hallway was taken off the wall in preparation for its restoration. Written on the back in chalk are some of the original delivery notes. The name is Mr J Paris but no-one by that name has ever owned this house, so either this was the name of the installer or perhaps a tenant, though I doubt a tenant would be paying for the installation of heating. We think the radiator dates to the 1930s. I want to have it resprayed in a metallic paint called Old Penny Bronze as a feature in the entrance hall.

IMG_2283Behind the radiator was a magnificent wallpaper.

IMG_2284It features birds in foliage.

IMG_2285And birds in gilded cages. It’s a pale blue grey with yellow.

IMG_2286There was also evidence of another wallpaper on the left featuring stylised leaves and flowers. It appears to have been applied after the radiator was in place as it doesn’t reach fully behind it.

IMG_2288Then on the right hand side was this paper featuring stripes and grapevines.

IMG_2290The lining of the breakfast room continued.

IMG_2289Services were piped in for the future Stage 2 build in the coal store – hot and cold water and the heating pipes. We will also have an electric feed put in.




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