Build Day #21

IMG_2298Today the master bedroom was cleared out, ceilings were boarded over and the plasterers began.

IMG_2299Here you can see repairs to the old plaster where it was water damaged. The first layer is the base coat.

IMG_2304The door from the bedroom to the future en suite was finally reinstated. This is the first time that anyone has seen through this door at least fifty years.

IMG_2306In the en suite the door that leads to the hallway has been blocked up. There will be a shower in this corner soon.

IMG_2307The view back into the bedroom. I now have my eye on that blocked up fireplace…it may be time for a reveal while the room is empty and messy.

IMG_2312The newly blocked up door as seen from the hallway..

IMG_2313In the lounge the plasterers have skimmed the ceiling and patched the walls. Mark asked why the ceiling was brown – that is the colour of setting plaster as the plaster is clay based.

IMG_2315We are fortunate that the cornices are so deep. It means we haven’t lost a lot of it with the overboarding and plastering.

IMG_2322At the back of the house the Celotex insulation and boarding continued. It’s starting to look more like a room now.

IMG_2327Even the little cupboard under the servant’s staircase has been given the insulation treatment.

IMG_2328Also the ceiling of the former pantry.

IMG_2320In the coal store the electricians did some future-proofing ready for Stage 2.





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