Build Day #22

IMG_2331The removal of the ceiling in Mark’s future study means that we can now see exactly where the leaks are coming from. It also means that the leaks are no longer absorbed by the plaster and water drips straight into the room.

IMG_2330Evidence of another leak in the future en suite. Both rooms leak due to the dormer windows on the floors above. The windows will be repaired soon and so too will the leaks.

IMG_2334Plastering continues. I have decided that one never knows true mess in a home renovation until the plasterers arrive. They bring dust, mud and debris but their work really marks a transition as you can see the new house taking shape.

IMG_2335The other wall in the bathroom has been boarded up ready for plastering.

IMG_2378Plasterer’s buckets.

IMG_2347Plasterer’s platforms. And Ruby.


The repaired bay in the master bedroom.

IMG_2339And the new ceiling!

IMG_2358The blocked up door to the future en suite.

IMG_2351It is the lounge’s turn to be stuffed with furniture while the dining room is plastered.

IMG_2354Ruby, queen of new box towers.

IMG_2389Oliver inspecting the first floor hallway. Everywhere you look there is mess and dust. For the first time I haven’t even bothered to try and vacuum as there will only be more tomorrow.

IMG_2355Rosie on the stairs. Could she be any more beautiful?

IMG_2344In the back the breakfast room is taking shape with the boarding almost complete.

IMG_2343Facing towards the kitchen.

IMG_2342And turning a little further to the right.

IMG_2360A new bucket installed in Mark’s future study to catch the drips.

IMG_2365Rosie on the bed. At the end of the day this bed is re-made, a bedside table dusted off and a rug unrolled on the floor. You’d never know it wasn’t the Ritz in the dark. Plus there’s no electricity on this floor so bedtime involves torches and a mobile phone as an alarm clock.

IMG_2400See? Rosie making herself comfortable in her glamorous surroundings. About to be ambushed by her sister.

IMG_2401And they’re off!



4 thoughts on “Build Day #22

  1. I hope plaster dust is not harmful to furkids? She could not be more beautiful, sitting neatly perked ears pressed paws and furled tail, looking at you and wondering.
    You must be as fit as if on a boot-camp course. x x

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