The House Fights Back

IMG_2413This morning we heard series of bangs, a loud tumbling noise and a thud but couldn’t quite work out where it had come from. It sounded like it was on the stairs but also outside. I had visions of Ruby having escaped out of a window and fallen off the roof. We did a quick cat headcount and everyone was accounted for. Looking out of the window there was a large lump of wood on the ground directly outside the front door.

IMG_2412The house is fighting back, or giving up, it’s hard to decide. The dormer window on the top floor is now missing the left hand side of its casing.

IMG_2411A bit easier to see in close up. It was a good thing that no-one was at the front door when it happened. It has been windy and rainy the last couple of days but this morning it was fine and perfectly still. It confirms that there is a weak point with that dormer and that spot lines up with the leaks in the room below.

I am glad the scaffolding is going up soon so that we can fully inspect all the high parts of the house. I fear this entire dormer may need to be rebuilt. The scaffolding has been delayed because there is a lack of equipment available, which points to a recovery in the building industry. Unfortunately this means we may experience some delays as the build progresses but I am thankful that we signed up JB when we did.


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