Time Capsule

I am thinking about making a time capsule to build into the fabric of the house – behind a wall, under the floorboards, somewhere like that.

If anyone reading has any ideas:

What sort of receptacle should I use?

What should I include in it?

Where should I put it?

I am thinking that I may gather up all the ‘Found Objects’ and include them in the capsule as well. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. You should print a book of your blog and post it in the time capsule just before you close up the last hole!

  2. I didn’t know you could, but I discovered it is possible to convert a blog into a PDF and have it printed. Great idea – who knows if WordPress, or indeed the internet as we currently know it, will still be around when the capsule is opened. Imagine them looking at an ‘old fashioned’ web address – “http://? What’s http://?”.

  3. This is something that I can speak to w/ some knowledge. We have one of the oldest homes in our town. It was from the 1840s. It had been in the same family from it’s beginning until the 1960s. The history of the house was documented and put into a bottle in the wall. We made copies of what was there. The owner we bought it from has added her own paperwork from her ownership. (She has just entered hospice, and is not long for our world). We will add our history, along with some items we found in the house during the most recent ‘gut’, and we will replace the time capsule with its updates. It is an awesome feeling to hold that history in your hands, and it is a gift to pass it on. Two other homeowners in our area were so inspired that they are creating their own histories and creating time capsules. I hope that you will do the same. The gift would be remarkable. I totally agree w/ getting your blog in there, whether via link or pdf.

  4. I will give it some thought. One thing that springs immediately to mind is your order of Australian foods. Be great for someone to get some Australian culture in the years to come!

  5. I made a time capsule when I had my kitchen remodeled, hid it under the floor of a closet. I put that day’s newspaper inside several layers of plastic bags. I printed before and after photos of the remodel and some trinkets inside a glass jar with a metal lid, along with a history of the house.

    • Thanks Homer, I like the idea of the newspaper – it’s the sort of ephemera that no-one keeps. I certainly think I will need to write concise history of the house and include it.

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