The Granite Farm

IMG_2440Today my kitchen man Tony drove me to Welford in Northamptonshire to visit the granite farm. No, it’s not really a farm where they grow granite but rather a large outdoor showroom/warehouse in the countryside.

IMG_2439In the distance you can see all the slabs of granite standing on their sides. There were so many to choose from but it was great to see them in real life and up close rather than in a catalogue or online. You also get to choose your exact slab.

IMG_2432My first choice is this one here. It’s called Cosmic Black and comes in a textured matt finish called ‘leather’. It was beautiful to touch.

IMG_2433Up close you can see the different textures and colours. The lighter quartz gives the slab a real depth as it has a certain translucence. The only thing I am concerned about is how I would go rolling pastry on a textured surface. It is also slightly more expensive so I will need to wait for the entire kitchen quote to come through.

23219_274-38_KASLIMP2I do have a back-up choice, called Kashmir Lime. It’s very nice too.

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