Build Days #24-27

IMG_2421Last week was a four day week because of the Bank Holiday weekend. The plumbers were here laying new pipework.

IMG_2420Pipes coming into the en suite.

IMG_2452The old toilet was removed.

IMG_2445Here you can see the pipes and valves for the new shower being cut into the wall.

IMG_2443The removal of old radiators revealed more wallpaper. This is the one that I had only previously caught small glimpses of in the en suite.

IMG_2444This house used to have lots and lots of patterns. 1920s or 30s? It makes me think that this room was a nursery.

IMG_2476On the first floor hallway there is this 1950s pattern. You can also see that at one point much of the house was painted a dark navy blue.

IMG_2477Down in the corner is yet another wallpaper – the graphics look 1960s to me.

IMG_2427The plasterers continued their work too. Here is the kitchen and future kitchen window.

IMG_2430The other side of the kitchen.

IMG_2461In the dining room they plastered the ceiling and did the first layer on the chimney breast and recently exposed fireplace.

IMG_2468Oliver and Ruby inspecting the work in the dining room.

IMG_2474Oliver unsure of the large bucket of plasterer’s water. Not for drinking or splashing.

IMG_2459Preparations for the repair of the large crack at the bottom of the stairs.

IMG_2431It’s all a bit messy though. That carpet will be going and the terrazzo underneath will be restored.

IMG_2423Also the scaffold began to go up. Front.


IMG_2466By Friday it was complete at the front of the house. Can’t wait to get up there and have a look!




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