Build Day #28

Three trades were in attendance today.


The men continued to erect the scaffold around the house. Ruby is intrigued and somewhat frustrated as she wants to get out there and investigate.


The company should get a prize for most imaginative business name.


The plasterers did work in the dining room, the bottom of the stairs, and the breakfast room.


In Mark’s future study they covered the walls in this fluorescent green gloop, which will allow them to skim the damaged walls with plaster.


Most significantly, the windows and doors were installed on the ground floor! Until today all the openings had been blocked up with plywood boards – not very secure and poor at keeping out draughts. With the installation of windows and doors we finally have light coming in and can see the rooms really taking shape.


Breakfast room. Technically this means that the rear of the house is at “lock-up” stage. Our builder now wants to get heaters in to advance the drying of the plaster.

IMG_2535Oliver and Ruby were fascinated by their new view into the garden.

IMG_2538Ruby made sure she sampled every new vantage point.

IMG_2542Rosie was a little hesitant.

IMG_2543Taking a peek.


To the purists out there – I used to be one of you! I know that we have installed UPVC but all the windows we replaced were at the end of their lives. If we could have afforded timber we would have gone that way but with so much else to do in the house we had to make some cuts. Maybe one day we will replace them or perhaps the next owner will, as they curse us for installing ‘plastic’ windows. I wouldn’t install UPVC windows on the facade of the house, and seeing as we have twenty-nine windows in total to look after, this is just a small percentage. I have also documented the original windows well so they could be re-made exactly as they were if we wanted to. Anyway, apology and justification over. They are well made, very good at insulating and seal beautifully, and we’re going to need that as we still have the original quarry tile floor in the kitchen and breakfast room, which has no insulation at all!


4 thoughts on “Build Day #28

  1. there is a reason PVC frames evolved, and every good designer knows that function takes precedence over ‘form’. I love that the cats must be snoozing at 3pm, anticipating what newness awaits at quitting time. Duchess of Cathbridge has her hands full at Anmer with all the same disarray right now only I don’t know where she blogs it all. ( 🙂 ) Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. I’m all about being a common sense purist. I love following this contruction!

    We just gutted our 1848 house and discovered that the beam running between the first and second story was completely rotted away. The front wall of the house was actually ‘floating’, suspended from the roof. We almost had heart attacks. One good wind could have brought the whole thing down. We replaced the beam work with new and tied it all back in very, very quickly!

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