Build Day #30

IMG_2555The scaffold has now reached right around the house to the leaky dormer window that is causing the wet rot in the ceiling below. For Debby – you can see our second chimney in this picture also.

IMG_2559The scaffold one level lower, outside Mark’s future study.

IMG_2564At ground level.

IMG_2558The plasterers skimmed the walls in Mark’s future study.

IMG_2560This room will now have the best walls in the house along with the new kitchen and breakfast room.

IMG_2583Down in the breakfast room Oliver decided that he loves freshly set plaster.

IMG_2587He did a whole series of jumps and slides against the wall. Cat claws on fresh plaster sound exactly like fingernails on a blackboard but I think all added to his fun. In fact the cats had a real frolic in the large ground floor area – it’s much clearer today as the builders did a tidy up. Rose started by running and jumping about and then all three of them got into it. In the end I had to go and get the red dot laser and they had great, albeit dusty, fun.

IMG_2573Oliver taking a rest on the plaster board.

IMG_2567The entrance hall seems much bigger now that all the building supplies and the old doors and architraves have been moved out. I have my eye on this carpet now as I think it is time to rip it up and put it in the skip. Then we will finally get a good look at the terrazzo underneath.

IMG_2569Meanwhile, the garden is turning into a mud pit.


One thought on “Build Day #30

  1. don’t put all that old carpet in the skip – put some over the mud pit which will still be there when the crew have left, and you will have new floors to think of..
    I love that Oliver had so much fun that he had to rest. x x

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