Oliver’s Repawt on the Introoder


Hello evfurrybody it’s Oliver! Yoo may remember me from The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles – I am a furnettic speller so please bare wif me. Scott doesn’t allow us on the compyooter much these days but I had to tell yoo abowt the introoder!


Yoo see, today Scott was removing the last of the carpet from the howse – there was some on the stairs and some in the entrance hall.


It was not long after the carpet was taken off the stairs that I discovered there had been an introoder!


See? On the bare wood were some kitty paw prints! I can’t believe we didn’t see or smell them – and I am not sure where they have gone!


Ruby decided to investigate. She says that the paw prints are in the same green paint as the original paint on the stairs, so the cat must be an Edwardian cat. I have never seen an Edwardian cat before. I hope he will be nice.  Maybe he will let me call him Eddie. Tee hee!

IMG_2603In other noos, we can now see the terrart-so in the hallway. Scott says it is in very good condition. Here is my sisfur Rosie inspeckting it.

IMG_2599Scott says the floor will look byootiful when it is restored.

Scott is also sure that at some point when he is painting the howse that one of us will add our paw prints to the collection!



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