Build Days #31 and #32

The last couple of days have been quieter than usual.

IMG_2605On Thursday the plasterers finished off their current work and they’ll return in a few weeks’ time. Then the electricians came to start second fixing but they said that the plasterers’ work was too rough to fix sockets and switch plates to. They called JB and are coming back next Tuesday instead. Having a closer look at the plaster work it does seem a little rough in places. The main surfaces are great  – smooth walls and ceilings. The problem seems to be the finer finishing work. I am talking to JB about it on Monday but there is nothing that can’t be fixed – or sanded. I am concerned about installing light fittings at this early stage so I will discuss that too. I took advantage of the empty house that afternoon and removed the rest of the carpet from the stairs and entrance hall, revealing the terrazzo and the historic cat paw prints that Oliver reported on in the last post.

Today, Friday, there was just one brickie who spent the day digging obsolete pipes out of the walls and patching the brickwork. A quiet end to the week.


Here you can see the scaffold now reaches right around the house.


Ruby at her favourite new viewing platform – breakfast room window.




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