Build Days #33 #34 and #35

It’s Wednesday.


On Monday there wasn’t very much happening at the house. I had a meeting with JB about the roof: it needs more work than originally thought, unfortunately. Dormers, ridges, valleys, gutters… On Tuesday I had a meeting with JB about the external decoration: it needs more work than originally thought, unfortunately. Heat stripping, extra filling, window sill resin-ing…

We may have to forgo our granite counter tops in the kitchen but we will wait and see.

Today I got the quote from the quarry tile and terrazzo restoration man. It was about what I thought it would be, unfortunately. Cheaper than a brand new floor though.


On a brighter note – the electricians have been here completing some of the second fix. We have switches!


And sockets!

IMG_2630Smoke and heat alarms!


IMG_2636Cut outs for the spot lights in the en suite.


One day this will be our gracious dining room.


Yesterday I took down the old dining room curtains – the window is huge. I am wondering what window coverings to get – it seems a shame to cover it up really.


Here is Oliver inspecting my delivery of decorating items. I am about to get started on the internal decoration! I will begin with the ‘mist coat’ in the kitchen and breakfast room. That’s a watered down coat of emulsion paint you need to put on fresh plaster so that the top layers will adhere.


I am trying to make a decision about the decoration of the dining room. As there is so much greenery outside and it is in a very shaded position, anything neutral just looks green and washed out because of the nature of the light coming into the room. What does seem to work are bolder patterns and colours – the darker green patterned wallpapers and the deep reds. I know that this may seem strange to do in an already dark room but I am thinking I will just go for it. After all, the dining room will be used in the evenings and the darker colours will give a richer, more comforting feel.


In Liverpool I adored the room I had painted red. I had always wanted a red room. Truth be told, I have always wanted a red dining room, so I might just recycle this colour – Blazer by Farrow and Ball. Warm and dramatic.


One day this will be our gracious drawing room. Trust me.

IMG_2632Ruby making her selection of the paint tester pots in the breakfast room. She prefers Cooking Apple Green to Ball Green.





4 thoughts on “Build Days #33 #34 and #35

  1. You might try lacy light old fashioned looking curtains for that dining room window in the summer to maximize the light from those windows, and something more substantial and insulated for the winter. I think that you should follow the cat’s color suggestions. He seems awfully sure of his choice.

  2. Yes agree with Debby. . The window is lovely and a great feature in the room. Do you need any window covering at all? I do understand in Winter however it may be preferable

  3. Love the role the cats are continuing to play! We opted for Roman blinds in our sitting room, so you don’t ‘lose’ the window or the light but have something for privacy and warmth. It’s also a great way to add pattern.

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