Build Days #36 and #37

Thursday and Friday last week were build-free as there was a small gap in in the build plan. It was nice to have a couple of days to ourselves and let the cats roam during the day. I also took advantage of the lull to do some sanding and preparation of the kitchen for painting.

IMG_2637 Yesterday and today things were back on track. Here is Oliver heading downstairs for the 5pm snoot around.

IMG_2649Today the gutters and downpipes came down. Some were original, though rusted, cast iron. Others were modern plastic. They will all be replaced.

IMG_2650The painters have been busy burning paint off the windows and gables this week.

IMG_2645JB has been sourcing reclaimed quarry tiles for the breakfast room. They are slightly more orange than the ones currently laid but we think they will blend. They are difficult, and expensive, things to get hold of.

IMG_2642More radiators have been delivered. This is the thin tall feature radiator for the kitchen.

IMG_2646I also set up for some painting. Before starting the ‘mist coat’ I thought I would check with P my painter and he advised me to get a different type of paint, which I will do tomorrow.

IMG_2644Instead I did some whiting-out with emulsion on walls where radiators are about to be hung. On this wall in the kitchen I blanked out the old blue painted wall that had the silhouette of the dresser that had sat there for decades and had just been painted around. There will be a built-in pantry on the left and the tall radiator on the right.

IMG_2657Rosie and Oliver enjoying the drop sheets.

IMG_2640More whiting out. The hallway. The original radiator has been stripped and resprayed in an historic metallic paint called Old Penny Bronze #35. This is where I found remnants of the beautiful birdcage wallpaper. That wallpaper has inspired me to look for modern birdcage designs that I might use in the house somewhere else.

IMG_2638En suite whiting out.

IMG_2641Dining room whiting out.

IMG_2639Hallway whiting out. This is the only chance I have to get a coat of paint on the walls behind the radiators. Once they are in place it is very difficult to paint behind them.

IMG_2651The ivy also came down today.






2 thoughts on “Build Days #36 and #37

  1. oh Scott . If you think painting behind a wall heater would be very difficult then I don’t want to know your definition of impossible. The adjoining neighbour must be glad the ivy threat is gone. I hope those sensitive kitty noses cope with paint fumes and wonder if that ‘basins of water’ hint for absorption is accurate.
    – keep your strength up and just hold your vision of the completed wonder.

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