Build Day #38

Today really was like something from The Money Pit. We’re about up to the scene where Shelley Long opens her medicine cabinet door and there is a builder on the other side who hands her the aspirin. There were fifteen men here today – a team of painters, a team of roofers, two labourers, the plumber, a carpenter and JB. At one point a complete stranger knocked at the top floor landing door and asked me for a teaspoon – I obliged but perhaps should have checked exactly who he was.


Stripping of old paint continues and the front gable got its undercoat. The cats are getting used to the scaffold outside the top floor windows and seeing men’s boots pass by above them. Rosie was fascinated with the man painting the outside of the window and was following his brush strokes as he worked. They have been very brave as the noise and work has gradually been getting closer to them. When it was all happening on the ground floor at the start you could barely tell any work was going on but today both dormers on the top floor had teams working on them (the windows come out tomorrow) and the cats barely opened their eyes to see what all the commotion was.


I also got my delivery of matt emulsion and completed the ‘mist coat’ in the kitchen.


I hope I did it right.


The reclaimed quarry tiles have been prepared and the floor has been leveled for laying in the future breakfast room. The tiler is making a special visit on Saturday to lay them as the tile restoration man is arriving on the following Monday.

In other news, we are about to order the kitchen – it will be here in about two weeks!

A while ago we reconsidered the external colours and we decided to go for a black and white scheme, which makes sense given the mock-Tudor elements of an Edwardian Arts and Crafts house. Many houses in the area are painted in black and white. We do, however, need to consider the colour of the front door.

Should we paint the front door:



5 thoughts on “Build Day #38

  1. Yes Andrew, the 3 options were equal really, and for 4. leave it original for a while out of sentiment. I did a chrome yellow door on an old house once and I must say it was cheery through a Ballarat winter. Whenever I see a very glossy black door locally I always think “They have been to London”.

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