Build Day #40

IMG_2720Day 40 was a complete shut-in day, which means the cats had to stay in one room with me. It was also one of the first days that work actually had to be done in the room with us. Having re-arranged the furniture for P the plumber to change the radiator, Ruby discovered she could get into the top shelf of the bookcase.

IMG_2723Water staining behind the old radiator. I managed to get a coat of paint over it before P hung the new radiator.

IMG_2725Rosie watching P do his work.

IMG_2728The plumber’s adhesive of choice.


IMG_2734New radiator.

IMG_2740New radiator in the future guest bedroom as well. Rosie with her favourite bell on a pom-pom

IMG_2731Ruby getting bored halfway through the day.

IMG_2716It was also time to say goodbye to the top floor bathroom dormer window.

IMG_2717It too has seen better days.

IMG_2736New frame going in.

IMG_2737Sad old window.

IMG_2739Temporary sheeting and boarding while the window is being made.

IMG_2741The bath is slowly taking a tour of the house. It began in the future en suite, then went into the master bedroom, was moved into the bathroom and now sits in Mark’s future study. It will be fitted eventually.

IMG_2745The recesses for the en suite shower being formed.

IMG_2742The cast iron radiator getting some undercoat.

IMG_2744£1000 worth of lead has been delivered for the dormer roof repairs. Each of those rolls takes two men to lift.




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