Build Day #42

IMG_2753A quick pit-stop in the understairs cupboard.

IMG_2752This is our new fuse box! It was put in last week but there was no light in here for me to take a picture. I could have bought a very nice car with what the new electrics have cost, so please indulge me.

IMG_2792Today D, one of the labourers, was here doing various odd jobs. He removed the cast iron down pipe outside (not pictured) and stripped the airing cupboard of all of its plaster ready for relining and the installation of the new hot water service and the boiler. Looking now at that flimsy stud wall, we perhaps should have knocked through the bathroom into the toilet next door but the budget simply wouldn’t have allowed it.

IMG_2755Today was also the day of the stripping and deep cleaning of the quarry tiles. Kitchen ‘before’ shot.

IMG_2756And looking through the kitchen into the breakfast room (with servant staircase adjacent). Note on the right that you can still see the outline of where the old Welsh dresser was positioned for over fifty years. The room had been decorated around it several times – the skirting board behind almost matches the colour I have chosen for the kitchen walls.

IMG_2757Breakfast room, with the reclaimed tiles in the far left corner.

IMG_2779Tile cleaners at work.

IMG_2781After cleaning. Bear in mind we are only half way through the process. The tiles need to dry and then on Saturday they will be sealed with a gloss coating. We’re really pleased with how they look so far.

IMG_2784It is very important to keep the unsealed tiles clean and dry so I constructed this barrier. Pretty imposing.

IMG_2785Guess who was, within minutes, on the other side chasing a fly and leaving dusty little paw prints? Ruby!!!

At around the same time I lost Oliver. I couldn’t find him and when I called I heard a plaintive meow from somewhere in the house. I searched up and down all three floors and seventeen rooms, twice.

IMG_2787Eventually I found him here in the airing cupboard in the bathroom.

IMG_2788Proud explorer’s tail. I wondered how he got in there as the door to the bathroom was closed.

IMG_2789He’d managed to squeeze his way in through the hole in the wall of the room next door. What is it with Oliver and the need to squeeze himself through small holes in the wall like a sausage? I thought he’d given up after his last adventure.



13 thoughts on “Build Day #42

  1. Tiles are looking good. Did you realise when you bought the house that it would be such a big job? Can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

    • Thanks Karen! I tried to download your 10 Tips but the link didn’t work! Anyway – what colour do you recommend for a room with lots of ambient green light from vegetation outside? East facing, not a lot of light…Thoughts welcome!

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