Build Day #46


Today P the plumber continued his work on the hot water service and pipes. To Chad and Debby – you were right – the small tanks are expansion tanks, one for the hot water and the other for the heating system.

IMG_2833S, one of JB’s ‘lads’, or general labourers, continued preparing the en suite walls for plastering. The plasterers are coming tomorrow morning (Saturday)  to plaster the en suite and Mark’s study ceiling.

IMG_2835Looking very aqua at the moment.

IMG_2780A, the quarry tile restoration man came today to seal the floor but the tiles are still damp. They will need more time to dry out. We will go ahead with the carpentry work and the kitchen installation and he will return in two weeks’ time. In the meantime, we must protect the floor as it is unsealed.

In addition to the plasterers, the roofers will be here tomorrow working on the top floor front dormer lead work. On a weekend! Sorry Mark.

I will be painting. This weekend I hope to sand, prep and mist coat the breakfast room, first top coat the walls in the kitchen, and maybe top coat the ceiling in the breakfast room. I also have a couple of tester pots of different yellows for the breakfast room I’d like to try as well. Then I may nap.



One thought on “Build Day #46

  1. Tell Mark my mom lived with 9 years of weekend disturbances. Not by others, of course.

    And about the domestic hot water expansion tank, interesting. That makes sense; I’ve only ever seen water heaters with tanks, and have kept the minimum-efficiency crap model that came with my house.

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