Build Day #47

IMG_2843Today was Saturday but we still had a couple of trades here. The en suite walls were plastered.

IMG_2844You can see the future shower taking shape. The pipe running through the wall is our temporary water supply upstairs. It won’t be a permanent feature of the en suite.

IMG_2845The pipe snakes through the floor to the new water connection downstairs.

IMG_2846Mark’s future study got its ceiling plastered. To be consistent I should probably just call it Mark’s study, as I don’t refer to other rooms with a ‘future’ prefix.

IMG_2847When it first goes on, the plaster looks like milk chocolate. Could you imagine? The ceiling wouldn’t last long in this house it if was!

IMG_2857The roofers were also here today applying new lead to the front top floor dormer window. That room is our current bathroom and will become the guest bathroom. We currently only have one window upstairs as the front and rear dormers are boarded up while the new windows are made. It’s a bit dark. At some point we must take care of the wobbly fence and that rickety, rotten white fence post that looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can also see the skip is overflowing – we may have to pay for a fifth!

IMG_2855Close-up of the newly leaded window.




I was also very busy decorating today. I had to make sure I protected the unsealed quarry tiles before I began.

IMG_2851I sanded and prepped the breakfast room and gave it a mist coat.

IMG_2849Once you start painting things always look lighter and brighter.

IMG_2850I tested my two yellows for the breakfast room. The top one (Dayroom Yellow) was far too bright – almost an acid yellow. The one below called Hay is more subtle and is in the same tonal range as the Ball Green in the kitchen, so I think I will go with that.


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